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War Machines


The 2080s saw the emergence of early War Machines fighting along disputed borders on Earth. The AI revolution of the early 22nd century then produced mechs that could think for themselves and work in teams during more complex battle scenarios.

Over time, War Machines designs became more sophisticated, with the addition of more advanced mechatronics and weaponry.

The Overseer believed War Machines were the ultimate way to settle disputes between Factions and defend precious territories in a world without human governance.

Boston Cybernetics Law Enforcer X-1000 - Nebula
Red Mountain Olympus Mons LY07 - Military
Zaibatsu Tenshi Mk1 - White Digi

Genesis War Machines

By the 2140s, the three Factions had developed their own highly evolved War Machines. Weighing close to fifty tonnes and standing between six and ten stories tall, these early Genesis mechs were designed by the AI Directors of each faction.

Genesis War Machines include:

  • AI pilots.
  • Spherical shields with recharge rates.
  • Speed settings.
  • Accessory slots.
  • Energy cores.
War Machine Mechanics for Boston Cybernetics Law Enforcer X-1000

Battle Arena Supports

Enlisters in each Faction help War Machines score kills to win battles. Enlisters can help influence battles in many ways.

These include:

  • Mech dogs firing projectiles (Boston Cybernetics).
  • Reinforcement War Machines being sent from dropships (Red Mountain Offworld).
  • Overcharge explosions causing damage to enemies nearby (Zaibatsu).
  • Airstrikes (available to all Factions).
  • Nukes (available to all Factions).
  • Repairs (available to all Factions).
red mountainboston cyberneticszaibatsu
red mountainboston cyberneticszaibatsu
red mountainboston cyberneticszaibatsu
red mountainboston cyberneticszaibatsu


In 2149, with battles raging around the world, new subsidiary manufacturing companies emerged under each Faction. The largest of these manufacturers could produce new War Machine models and ranges of accessories, whereas others were more specialized in their offerings.

Products include:

  • War machines, including humanoid, light and heavy models.
  • Guns including flak guns, machine guns, lightning guns, flamethrowers, rail guns, cannons, plasma guns, miniguns, laser beams, and BFGs.
  • Cannons, grenade launchers and rocket launchers.
  • Shield generators.
  • Accelerators.

Citizen Ranks

New recruit logo

New recruit

A citizen who joined Supremacy less than 24 hours ago.

Private logo


A citizen who joined Supremacy more than 24 hours ago and has sent at least 1 chat message.

Corporal logo


A citizen who has achieved “Private” and has at least 1 ability kill.

General logo


A citizen who has achieved “Corporal” and contributed to top 20% of ability kills for their Faction.

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