Supremacy Genesis

War Machine. NFT. Genesis Drop.

Genesis Supply and Rarity

The Genesis release took place 22/2/22 and is now sold-out. If you would like to purchase Genesis War Machines, keep an eye out in the in-game marketplace or on the blackmarket sites such as OpenSea.

Genesis War Machines are game-ready NFT assets that allow you to earn rewards in Supremacy by deploying your War Machines in the battle arena.

There are a total of 10,000 Genesis War Machines. Each War Machine has a different rarity level ranging from Mega to Dues Ex. There are 200 Legendary gold War Machines per faction that can only be obtained through giveaways. Join our social media channels to keep up to date on these giveaways.

Boston CyberneticsLaw Enforcer X-1000
Red MountainOlympus Mons LY07
ZaibatsuTenshi Mk1
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