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The Supremacy Universal Purchasing Standard ($SUPS) is the worldwide currency on a dystopian Earth in the year 2149. It is used to buy, sell, earn and trade.

$SUPS is an Ethereum Mainnet ERC-20 token, that is currently purchasable in-game for a limited time, and tradable on secondary exchanges. It is capped at 300,000,000 tokens.

The Basics

Supremacy is more than an arena where War Machines fight for glory. Macroeconomic and microeconomic policies, controlled by smart contracts, regulate an entire sustainable economy like it would in the real world.

Citizens can choose to become landowners, resource barons, insurance underwriters, arms manufacturers, defence contractors, and much more, with an expanding tree of resources and items to be crafted.

Use your $SUPS to buy new War Machine NFTs, fit out weapon upgrades, and purchase production buildings.

Land parcels will be sold in the Supremacy Metaverse and mineable for a limited amount of resources that can be sold on the open market as NFTs.

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How do you get SUPS? Easy!

  • Purchase $SUPS here
  • Visit third party exchanges and trade other tokens for $SUPS.
  • Earn $SUPS through a variety of gameplay mechanisms.
  • Complete in-game challenges, player-created contracts, and other competitions in browser or via the Supremacy mobile game platform (coming soon).
Make bank in supremacy


How do you win at Supremacy? You decide. Supremacy is a series of game platforms designed to simulate a real digital economy.

  • Deploy your mechs in the Battle Arena to earn $SUPS contract rewards for survival.
  • Participate in the Battle Arena with airstrikes, landmines, nukes and commanding your War Machine to victory.
  • Trade & collect War Machines, resources, land, and much more for $SUPS on the in-game marketplace.
  • Rent your War Machines out to others for them to battle with (coming soon).

You can go at it alone or join a group and perform different jobs for collaborative Metaverse gameplay. It’s up to you.

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