Supremacy Nexus

Weapons. Utilities. Skins.

A New Way to Play

Supremacy Nexus is a major upcoming game update bringing many new in-game features and introducing Supremacy General, a new collection of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) including Crates, War Machines, Weapons, and Skins.

Nexus Crates are currently only on sale for Keycard holders at discounted rates but will be open for public sale at 23:59 PST on July 7, 2022.

There are 5,000 War Machine Crates and 13,000 Weapon Crates available for each faction in the Nexus drop. Players will be able to open these crates from July 14, 2022.

Nexus Weapons and War Machines will be game-ready to deploy into the Battle Arena in all their glory in August.

Pre-SalePublic Sale
War Machine Crate 4,000 SUPS 5,000 SUPS
Weapons Crate 2,800 SUPS 3,800 SUPS

Mystery Crate Contents

War machine crate

  • 1x Nexus War Machine (Humanoid OR Platform)
  • 1x Random War Machine Skin (Colossal to Mythic rarity)
  • 1x Flak Cannon
  • 1x Machine Gun
  • 1x War Machine Skin (Manufacturer)
  • 2x Weapon Skin (Manufacturer)

Weapon Crate

  • 1x Weapon Model (Missile Launcher, Minigun, Plasma Gun, Grenade Launcher, Laser Gun, Cannon, or a Faction-Unique Weapon!)
  • 1x Random Weapon skin (Colossal to Mythic rarity)

The Battle Arena will shake with the entry of these War Machines, prepare yourself for the warfare to come. Explore all the weapon combinations you can create with these new armed forces.

Nexus War Machines introduce an age of composability and utility equipping to Supremacy. Players will be able to swap and change their War Machine weapons and equip various items into utility slots. What will your weapon load-out look like?

Nexus Skin Rarity and Supply Overview

Skin rarity and supply numbers for the Nexus War Machines and weapons.

nexus image
Archon MiltechBFG-800
Nexus Boston Cybernetics Weapons
Nexus Red Mountain Weapons
WarsuiSL-750 Eliminator
Nexus Zaibatsu Weapons
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