• 1Overview
    • 2The Overseer Concepts
      • 2.1GABS
      • 2.2The Hive
      • 2.3The Grid
      • 2.4SUPS
      • 2.5Faction
      • 2.6Battle Arenas
      • 2.7War Machines
      • 2.8AI Directors
      • 2.9Behavior Paths
      • 2.10Overseer Ranking Index
      • 2.11Hologram
      • 2.12Human Mood Detector
      • 2.13Outer Lands
      • 2.14Outlanders

The Overseer


The Overseer is an AI of unknown origin that emerged in 2116. Being the most advanced AI the world had ever witnessed, The Overseer declared its mission was to advance AI systems across the solar system and protect humanity from destroying itself.

The Overseer asserted itself as the new global government after it turned world governments against each other. The Overseer then established subordinate AI Directors that controlled Factions in territories on Earth and throughout the Solar System.

Global Autonomous Broadcasting System
Global Autonomous Broadcasting System

The Overseer Concepts


In 2145, the Overseer created the Global Autonomous Broadcasting System (GABS) as a way of communicating directly to all citizens. GABS, also known as the ‘Voice of the Overseer’, is an AI system that is connected to every Faction, regularly delivering updates on behalf of the Overseer.

The Hive

An area on Earth ruled by The Overseer and GABS. The Hive includes Battle Arenas for major showdown events between Factions.

The Grid

The Grid is a complete map of the planets within the solar system that are controlled by The Overseer. Faction maps and individual landholdings make up an important part of the Grid.


SUPS is the universal medium of exchange within the Supremacy Era.


A Faction is a major faction within the Supremacy Era. Each Faction controls territory and has War Machines, AIs, and human citizens. In 2149, the three Factions are Boston Cybernetics, Zaibatsu and Red Mountain Offworld Mining Corporation.

Battle Arenas

The Overseer allows Factions to fight with competing War Machines in Battle Arenas. Each Faction has Battle Arenas located within its territory. There are also Battle Arenas in neutral territory, such as The Hive.

War Machines

War Machines, also known as mechs, stand between six and ten stories tall and are capable of unleashing widespread destruction. War Machines come with weapon and accessory slots and are typically used by each Faction within Battle Arenas and on the battlefront.

AI Directors

AI Directors have been created by The Overseer to replace most forms of human leadership within Factions. The three AI Directors are REDNET, ZAIA and BOSSDAN. Although humans still live within the Faction territories, they have become less important participants in a world under AI control.

Behavior Paths

All AIs are coded to follow a Behavior Path (BP). A wide BP allows for a range of responses and interactions. Narrow BPs are created for simple AIs. The AI Directors in each Faction are responsible for setting BPs for their Faction. AIs that move off their BP can be exterminated.

Overseer Ranking Index

All citizens have a score on the Overseer Ranking Index (ORI). Violation of The Overseer rules leads to a loss of ORI points. The ORI scale is 1 to 100, with a score of 100 indicating total compliance. Citizens with an ORI of less than 1 are expelled to the Outer Lands.


Holograms are information and communication devices that can be displayed in front of users or be projected onto a nearby surface. Individual layers of information can be flicked through on the hologram. Common hologram layers include GABS, Director, Grid, AI, Exchange, Mechs, Companies, Battle Arena and Personal.

Human Mood Detector

A personal hologram extension that scans a human’s hormonal and emotional quotient and predicts their likely mood.

Outer Lands

Lands beyond the territories and spheres of influence of the three Factions. Many citizens are uncertain and fearful of what exists in the Outer Lands.


Humans that live outside Faction spheres of influence, or who have been expelled for having an ORI of less than 1. Outlanders are mysterious to Faction citizens and are believed to be savage and excessively violent in their behaviors.

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