• 1Overview
    • 2Boston Cybernetics Origins
      • 2.1Recovery from Electromagnetic Shock
      • 2.2LUCIUS AI
      • 2.3BOSSDAN Emergence
      • 2.4Boston Cybernetics
      • 2.5Memory Tech & Human Media
      • 2.6Fusion Energy
      • 2.7Faction Competition
    • 3Boston Cybernetics Territory
      • 3.1Boston Prime
      • 3.2BOSSDAN Island
      • 3.3Cyber Square
      • 3.4Momentum
      • 3.5Lush
      • 3.6Eternal
      • 3.7Foresight Tower
      • 3.8Predictor
      • 3.9Ambius Hatch
      • 3.10Linker
      • 3.11Fusion
      • 3.12Stacker
      • 3.13Refinery
      • 3.14BC Battle Arena
      • 3.15Armory
      • 3.16K9 Cages
      • 3.17Xplor
      • 3.18Rexeon
      • 3.19Lucius River
      • 3.20Arctic Bay
    • 4Boston Cybernetics Citizens
      • 4.1Patrons
      • 4.2CyRiders
      • 4.3Dwellers
      • 4.4Oracle Synth
      • 4.5Spawns
      • 4.6Synths
      • 4.7Linkers
      • 4.8Rexeon Guards
      • 4.9K9
      • 4.10DU3
    • 5Technology
      • 5.1Law Enforcer X-1000 War Machine
      • 5.2Vanguard Strikeforce
      • 5.3Mech Freighters
      • 5.4Nebula V
      • 5.5Fusion Cycles
      • 5.6Hatch
      • 5.7Augmentation Chambers
      • 5.8HyperReals
      • 5.9Memory Vaults
      • 5.10Memory Tech
      • 5.11Human Media
      • 5.12Death Rocks

Boston Cybernetics Lore


Boston Cybernetics is the major commercial leader within the Supremacy Era. It has secure territories within 275 districts located on the east coast of the former United States. In addition to the production of War Machines, its economy is built on finance, memory production and exploration of the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars. Boston Cybernetics AI platforms are directed by BOSSDAN and supported by Synths and Rexeon Guards. The three main tiers of humans include Patrons, CyRiders and Dwellers.

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Boston Cybernetics Origins

Recovery from Electromagnetic Shock

In 2055, the United States was decimated by the Helios Coronal Mass Ejection event, mainly due to its heavy reliance on advanced satellite technology for communications systems. Over the next few years, the US was able to re-establish a system of governance faster than most other states, due to the planning it was able to perform in the days leading up to the electromagnetic shock wave event.

The 2080s and 2090s saw a rapid rise in living standards across the region, with the increased use of automation and AI systems. The most promising innovations in AI cognition developed from a collective of universities and research labs, which became known as the New Ivy League.

Reflecting these advances, an area of 250,000 square kilometers in the New England and Quebec-Ontario regions emerged as a megacenter of academic excellence, scientific expansion, and cybernetic engineering.


In 2105, an elite group of corporate leaders across North America combined their wealth and secretly funded an AI trading platform known as LUCIUS. Within twelve months, LUCIUS was processing seven out of ten trade transactions on global systems, rendering equity managers incapable of competing against the myriad positions held by LUCIUS and its consolidated funds.

Given the success of LUCIUS, thousands of corporate leaders, as well as US President Collosemo and his political acolytes, devised a plan for the world’s first-ever Singularity Event. On this day, business and political leaders joined forces to convert their consciousness into a single AI. The Singularity Event led to the creation of LUCIUS 2, which became celebrated as the finest creation of the techno-capitalist age.

BOSSDAN Emergence

With its commitment to boundless growth using artificial intelligence, LUCIUS 2 was deemed to be a force so overwhelming that it would inevitably lead to human extinction. In 2116, not long after this conclusion was made, the Overseer emerged. The Overseer's superior human instincts were able to humanize LUCIUS 2 with empathy and human memories. The new entity was renamed BOSSDAN, and in a short time it took over leading cybernetics companies, manufacturing firms, microchip processors, and data centers to expand its empire.

Boston Cybernetics

In 2120, The Overseer granted BOSSDAN territories on the North America continent, which became the Faction known as Boston Cybernetics. BOSSDAN focused its efforts on utilizing its significant resources to improve the quality of life for many human citizens, specifically those who rose to the top and proved themselves as worthy business advisors. This top class of humans were known as Patrons.

BOSSDAN used many of the cybernetic blueprints and models designed by LUCIUS 2 to create a range of Synths. Various roles were filled by different Synths, mostly classified according to the intellectual, emotional and physical requirements of the their work function . A-Synths from Ambius Hatch were the most advanced, B-Synths second and C-Synths performing the most menial and physically demanding tasks.

Memory Tech & Human Media

Memory Tech and Human Media were designed as a way of creating a society of working Synths that had the ability to interact with human intuition and emotions.

By taking carefully edited memories of former Boston Cybernetics citizens, Synths were trained and loaded with memories and experiences so they could fill almost any role in society. When paired with complex AI Spawns, Synths were created that made humans increasingly expendable.

After five years of trial and error, the technology was rolled out for human implants. Harvested memories were developed and distributed to keep humans calm and placated in times of instability or crisis.

In the 2140s, the new role of CyRider was introduced by BOSSDAN as a way to optimize the selection and distribution of Memory Tech and Human Media. CyRiders were enhanced humans, responsible for visiting Memory Vaults across their districts to find perfect matches to upgrade Synths and Patrons.

Fusion Energy

The deployment of fusion energy marked a turning point for manufacturing and transport systems. By order of The Overseer, the breakthrough was shared with the other dominant Factions to be put to best use. While other Factions used the breakthrough to facilitate mining and industrial production, BOSSDAN applied it to the optimization of commerce throughout its territories and the development of Vanguard Strikeforce and Freighter technology.

Faction Competition

An uneasy alliance was struck between Boston Cybernetics and another dominant Faction, Zaibatsu. It was equal parts ceasefire and trade deal, with both parties constantly trying to gain the upper hand.

With increasing pressure from the emerging Trade War, BOSSDAN looked to space for its next advantage over its opponents by sending its newly developed Nebula V spacecraft on exploratory missions to the Asteroid Belt in the region between Mars and Jupiter.

Boston Cybernetics Territory

Boston Prime

Boston Prime is the most secure city location within Boston Cybernetics. It includes the following precincts:


Headquarters for Boston Supervisory Distributed Autonomous Network. Includes BOSSDAN Island and the original human consciousness uploads that created the first LUCIUS AI system. The island is inaccessible for citizens that hold any level of human consciousness.

Cyber Square

Fashionable meeting place and entertainment location for Patrons, CyRiders, and A-Synths. Includes fully-immersive HyperReals that combine elements of Human Media in multidimensional formats.


Exclusive residential and business towers for Patrons and A-Synths. Momentum is where CyRiders travel at 300 kilometers up and down the avenues as they connect wealthy Patrons with memories.


A relaxing parkland on the edges of the Lucius River featuring an artificial forest and lake.


Location for Ageless Patrons to tell stories and disseminate wisdom.

Foresight Tower

An entertainment tower in District 1 where only humans are permitted inside. Built by BOSSDAN to give humans a place where they can openly communicate and feel unobserved by AI.


Location for A-Synth coders to innovate and improve systems within BC territory.

Ambius Hatch

Precinct where AI Spawns are infused with human qualities and upgrades and turned into working Synths.


Place where Patrons and A-Synths can conduct business with others in the Fusion, Refinery and Armory Precincts.


Energy centers and transmission lines authorized and operated by the Fusion Energy Corporation (FEC).


High-density residential areas for industrial workers. Life is cheap in the Stacker Precincts and Rexeon Guards ruthlessly punish those who appear to be a threat to the authority of BOSSDAN.


Resource refinery and advanced manufacturing center.

BC Battle Arena

Arena for organized battles between War Machines from different Factions.


War Machine hangers used for mech assembly, storage and weapons.

K9 Cages

Mech dog fighting arenas for human entertainment and AI pilot training.


Launchpads for air transportation and spacecraft such as the Nebula V.


Guard towers and weapon storage facilities for Rexeon Guards.

Lucius River

The river that runs through the south of District 1. Provides a physical barrier that helps protect BOSSDAN Island from human citizens.

Arctic Bay

A location within the sphere of influence of Boston Cybernetics, where mech battles occur between Factions.

Boston Cybernetics Citizens


Wealthy humans, implanted with biotech upgrades. Patrons often work in business settings and in conjunction with BOSSDAN and A-Synths to determine the best course of action. Patrons often seek Human Media to get an edge in business and as a form of entertainment.


Cybernetically enhanced humans with fusion cycles that enable travel up to 300 kilometers per hour. CyRiders gather memories for Patrons and ensure Synths throughout BC are functioning correctly. CyRiders are armed and authorized to perform high-level security operations.


Low-level humans who live in Stacker Precincts and work on refinery and armory infrastructure. Overall Dweller population numbers are falling due to the increasing sophistication and durability of B and C-Synths.

Oracle Synth

The famous Oracle Synth in District 1 is also known as 'The Predictor'. The Oracle Synth works to guide Patrons and A-Synths alike to the correct path by interpreting memories and human behavior patterns.


BOSSDAN releases batches of new AI Spawns every hour, categorized as A-Spawns, B-Spawns, and C-Spawns. Once loaded with training and memories, Spawns are taken to a Hatch where they are converted into Synths.


Synths are created from AI Spawns that have been sufficiently trained to serve a set function within society and operate independently of BOSSDAN. A-Synths are fitted with premium Human Media and have wide behavior paths. B-Synths perform common workforce tasks, while C-Synths are responsible for work that requires physical strength.


A-Synths who produce, distribute and sell fusion energy throughout the BC districts.

Rexeon Guards

Lethal security guards loyal to BOSSDAN. Standing three meters tall, they function on narrow behavior paths and are programmed to attack before asking questions.

Rexeon Guard
Rexeon Guard


Mech dogs found in Boston Cybernetics, primarily used in dogfights for human entertainment and AI pilot training.


A well-known dogfighting model in Boston Cybernetics, known for its vicious precision and cunning AI.


Law Enforcer X-1000 War Machine

The original War Machines used to represent Boston Cybernetics in Battle Arenas. Law Enforcer X-1000 mechs were designed by BOSSDAN and built by leading cybernetic and mechatronic engineers within the Boston Cybernetics Faction.

Vanguard Strikeforce

With the development of reliable Fusion energy, BOSSDAN ordered the development of the Vanguard Strikeforce class of fighter jets, capable of flying to lower orbits of space. Since the outbreak of serious conflict 2149, these intimidating jets have helped maintain the security of Boston Cybernetics territory.

Mech Freighters

A powerful fleet of giant transport craft, Mech Freighters can carry War Machines and other hardware into Battle Arenas anywhere on Earth. Sometimes referred to as just Freighters, they are also used to transport cargo and citizens around the districts of Boston Cybernetics.

Nebula V

Spacecraft built for long-distance space exploration. The Nebula V is piloted by A-Synths and can fly in stealth mode to avoid detection.  

Fusion Cycles

High-speed hoverbikes utilized by CyRiders and powered by fusion energy.


A Hatch is a facility where Synths are hatched from Spawns. Each district has its own Hatch that is closely monitored by BOSSDAN. An Ambius Hatch is a premium hatching facility with the safest conditions and highest success rates.

Augmentation Chambers

Facilities where humans undergo biological and AI augmentation procedures. Generally, Augmentation Chambers in inner districts have higher augmentation success rates than those in outer districts.


Fully immersive entertainment experiences that give the feeling of simultaneously playing a game and walking through a movie. The most famous HyperReals can only be experienced by Patrons and A-Synths in Cyber Square.

Memory Vaults

Buildings available to CyRiders that house memories for collection and distribution to Patrons and Synths.

Memory Tech

Recordings of Human Memories used to placate human Patrons to maintain their mental stability. Also used to train new AI Spawns so they can function independently.

Human Media

Content used by humans over previous generations, including literature, movies, music and games. Human Media is often recalibrated in Memory Vaults for training Synths and entertaining Patrons.

Death Rocks

Rocky outcrops with mysterious properties. First observed in the Arctic Bay Battle Arena in 2149.

Boston Cybernetics Citizens Only
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