Welcome to the Battle Arena

Where Syndicates fight for Supremacy

What is the Battle Arena

The Battle Arena is a live-stream of player-owned NFT Mechs controlled by AI’s fighting to win fast-paced battles. Players or “Citizens” can earn rewards by unlocking Multipliers for different in-game achievements.

As a Citizen, you can enlist in one of three Syndicates: Red Mountain, Zaibatsu or Boston Cybernetics. You’ll stay with your Syndicate for a while so choose wisely. You can learn more about the Syndicates on the syndicate page, wiki or by playing through their choose-your-own-adventure game.

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Once you’ve enlisted in a syndicate, your mission is to support them in Battle.

You can influence the Battle by spending your $SUPS utility tokens on in-game actions such as Battle Abilities like Nukes, Airstrikes, and Repairs, which are deployed by the Citizen whose vote secures the Ability for their Syndicate.

You can also work with your Syndicate to purchase Syndicate Special Abilities like Robot Dogs, Overcharge, and Reinforcements as well as cosmetic visual displays like Fireworks. Utilizing these abilities and strategizing with your fellow Citizens, you can influence the tides of the Battle in your Syndicate’s favor and secure victory.

By spending your $SUPS tokens and gaining in-game achievements you can unlock multipliers that earn you a share of the Spoils of War. The Spoils of War is funded by all Citizens' spending on Battle and Syndicate abilities. All $SUPS spent on Battle Arena abilities are pooled into the ‘Spoils of War’ constantly as the battle rages.

Your share in the Spoils of War is dispersed passively over the course of the next battle based on the multipliers you achieve during the round before it. Your multipliers directly impact your reward from the Spoils of War - so your strategy is key to obtaining these through battling and assisting your Syndicate to win.

The Spoils of War is a self-sustainable economic flow fueled by player participation. As players vote on abilities and participate in-game they build the Spoils of War. Let the Battles begin!


To achieve a $SUPS payout from the Spoils of War, you must first unlock a multiplier. Your share of the Spoils of War will calculate based on your total multiplier at the end of each Battle.

The “CITIZEN” multiplier is achieved by contributing at least 3.0 $SUPS to the Spoils of War during a round.

The earlier and more you contribute in the battle, the higher your "CONTRIBUTOR" multiplier will become. This multiplier is given only to the winning syndicate after each Battle.

Unlocked by any player who has contributed at least 3.0 $SUPS during a round.

Multiplier: 2x

The more a player contributes early during the battle, the higher this multiplier will become. This is only awarded to the winning syndicate.

Requires: Citizen

Multiplier: Incremental

For a player who has contributed at least 10% towards an Air Strike.

Multiplier: 5x

For a player who successfully destroys an opponent's War Machine with an Air Strike.

Multiplier: 10x

For a player who has contributed at least 10% towards a Nuke.

Multiplier: 5x

For a player who successfully destroys an opponent's War Machine with a Nuke.

Multiplier: 10x

For a player who has contributed at least 10% towards a Repair Crate.

Multiplier: 5x

For a player who successfully repairs a War Machine with a Repair Crate.

Multiplier: 10x

When a player's mech wins the battle.

Requires: Citizen

Multiplier: 5x

When a player's mechs win 3 consecutive battles.

Requires: Citizen

Multiplier: 10x

When a player has put the most individual SUPS in but your Syndicate didn't win the ability.

Requires: Citizen

Multiplier: 5x


New Recruit's icon

New Recruit

User has joined Supremacy less than 24 hours ago.

Private's icon


User has joined Supremacy for more than 24 hours and has sent at least 1 chat message.

Corporal's icon


User has achieved "Private" and has at least 1 ability kill.

General's icon


User has achieved "Corporal" and contributed top 20% of ability kills for their Syndicate in the past 7 days.

Mech NFTs

Players can purchase Mech NFTs in-game from the Shop (Passport XSYN) or through the Black Market (Opensea). Mechs from the Black Market will need to be transitioned “On-World” through Passport to be used in-game.

In the Battle Arena, on-world Mechs can be queued into Battle to fight for the player’s Syndicate. To Deploy a Mech, navigate to the right-hand side Menu and open “War Machines”. Clicking Deploy will open a pop-up with the fee and contract reward information.

Fees use various pricing calculations to arrive at a fair fee depending on queue length and estimated time of battle. SMS or Telegram notifications can be turned on for a small admin fee, paid to the syndicate account on queue deployment.

When a player deploys their Mech it is added to the queue which is reduced as mechs battle. When a queued Mech reaches the Battle, it will be added to the Live Stream Battle Arena where all players can see that Mech fight. If your Syndicate wins the Battle and your mech survives, the Contract Reward is paid out, even if you're not online.

This page will be updated regularly, as the game is constantly evolving with economic balancing of prices, rewards, and new features being implemented. This is the start of a grand game economy powered by $SUPS, where gameplay appeals to a range of players in unique ways to fight for Supremacy.

Enlist in your Syndicate, join the War Room game chat, talk with other players and learn the key strategies of the game through your Syndicate’s chat group in the War Room. Watch along until you are ready to enter the Battle and contribute to the glorious victory of your Syndicate.

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